Leaders of New Life Fellowship International Ministries, Bishop Abraham Shanklin Jr. and wife Pastor Ingrid Shanklin located in Hanover, Maryland recently released the foundation of a new vision inspired by the desire to reach out into the communities and connect with the needs of many. In February 2014, The Center of Transformation was given birth to which housed the purpose to bring positive change in individuals and families lives, while allowing the community to receive resourceful support in multiple areas such as child care, healthy relationship development, health and wellness and much more. The uproar of this powerful and groundbreaking community movement caught the attention of the Capital Gazette, who recently published an article on the, The Center of Transformation, and the highly anticipated outpour this new vision will have in many lives. Bishop Shanklin Jr. exercised the fact on how he strongly believed that The Center of Transformation would have a strong impact on the community. With great expectations we welcome this new vision and embrace the transformation of life, community and health.

For more buzz check out the Capital Gazette’s article on The Center of Transformation and for more details on The Center of Transformation and how you can participate or get involved visit www.altered4life.org.

-Alexandria Leggette


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