Lord, I am lost. I have become entangled in the midst of all the troubles and worries of life and I cannot find my way back home to YOU. Father, please hear my outcry as my soul longs for the remembrance of Your presence. I have travelled down the road only to find that You were not with me when I came to look for You. My eyes have become weary as I search and my hope is slowly fading away. Breathe into me again, and rescue me from myself. Empty my heart of all that I was doing and revival it with the Words of what you have already done. Place your peace upon my mind and quiet my soul as You carry me back into Your presence. Though I am surrounded and weak in the darkness my eyes still see the glimmer of Your light. Bring me back, Oh Lord. Rescue me from sure death. Revive me from my crooked path and let my way become Your way. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Scripture: Psalm 119:105 , Psalm 34:17

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